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Brand and web design

Case Study stadium venecia

Redesign the logo and the website so it looks more modern.


Stadium Venecia is a sports club, opened in 1966, where you can learn, enjoy and practice from swimming to basketball.


Branding UI Design


Clara Carbonell

Creative Process

Stadium Venecia is a historical sports club in Zaragoza. I saw they need it an update so I decided to propose them some changes starting in the branding to introducing new technology into the day to day of the members.
The project started by sketching some logos and finding the right lion to use. The lion made all the branding. It had to be strong and fighting lion but not violent. The lion is the emblem of Zaragoza and also for the club. Its an animal that represents power and that is how they want to be know, LIONS.

Market Research

The research consisted in finding how the competitions was doing and taking the pain and good points of each sport club in Zaragoza and other parts of Spain.

Time management

It took a week to do everything. The time was pretty tight but everything was solved in that time.

Site map

The project

This is a proposal for Stadium Venecia.

New features

Stadium Venecia need it an update in all ways. One of the first things was creating an app pass for the members. This way we reduce plastic, update the user in real time about any changes and they can enter in a more easy way to the Stadium by putting the QR code close to the doors sensors as before.

Logo Redesign

Stadium Venecia logo was a redesign keeping the lion as the main element giving it the shape of the shield as the representative element an sport club. This shield will be placed in every element of the club.  

Web Redesign

Building a brand brings a lot more changes than just a new logo. The website was the next step. We reorganize and cleaned up the content and we got a nice and clean website, more visual than before and updated for the phone, tabled or desktop