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logo construction

Interior Design


Isatri Yoga Studio

This project was a challenge. 
We started by creating the naming, a whole business plan and a concept for the studio. After having all that ready we started to think how would it look like. 

The logo appeared getting the Gayatri God from the Hindi culture. The Hindi culture has a lot of elements and different meanings so I decided to choose just one and because of the name everything finally connected. I got the head of the Gayatri God and add the most representative element, Tricuti (third eye). This point connected the logo with the name in all ways:

  • We where three persons opening the business
  • All the meaning being the number three = tri
  • The head as the main element with the view of the third eye
  • The studio was three different classes: yoga + LP + Meditation
  • The concept was to wake up in the spiritual, mental and physical state.

Category: Branding, Web design
Area: Yoga
Location: Zaragoza, Spain