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Fundación Rey Ardid 

Graphic mark developed for the Rey Ardid Foundation contest for its new home care service. Looking for a brand with high readability and versatility, a balanced composition has been used playing with the irregularity and dynamism of the icon complemented by the geometry and seriousness of the typographic part of the brand, which provides visual balance and stability.


Wanting to maintain a homogeneity with the Rey Ardid brand, a logo has been developed respecting the forms of the mother image. This has been broken by attributing to each of its fractions a service of said foundation. At the same time, an icon and representative color is added to each of them. Thus, a representative mark of all work areas is achieved, easily recognizable and attributable to the Rey Ardid Foundation. Colors have been assigned according to attributes attributable to color psychology. The purple color assigned to BE A HOME represents seriousness, it is relaxing and reflects royalty and intelligence.


This naming proposal goes beyond just the proposed brand for home care service. It is proposed to homogenize all the brands developed by Rey Ardid under the prefix SOY I AM: Origin of the prefix: service abbreviation. Connotations: endows the brand with human value, since “I am” is understood as the verb. These services are home, they are assistance, they make life easier for people. “SOY” refers to the humanity deposited in each of the services of the foundation transmitting a closeness both to the Rey Ardid Foundation and its services. I AM HOME, is formed by the conjunction of the words “service” + “home”. In this way, all the services are easily recognizable with a descriptive name, in addition to being totally homogenized not only through the graphic brand but also with the naming.

Category: Naming, Branding, Web design
Area: Non-profit organisation
Location: Zaragoza, Spain