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App design

Case Study
Yoga for students

Found a way to introduce yoga into the school and college students

The company

The National Wellness Institute is an organization founded in 1977 with the mission of “providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth.


UX/UI Design


Clara Carbonell

1. why young students do not get

involved in yoga?

Before getting into the project lets remind what is yoga:


A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

To start finding information I decided to start asking questions and write them down so at the end I end up with questions to interview an survey potencial users.

What I found out with the answers was that:


Of users were interested in practicing yoga

This surprise me because it meant that they were interested but there was something stoping them from practicing. Some cool answers I got were that they didn’t find where to go or they felt it wasn’t for them. But they also admit that the few times they practiced they felt better.

2. Problem Statement

People in their 20’s needs a way to know how yoga can help them because they know it’s beneficial but not for them.

3. Who are we talking to?

4. lets see what maia

is asking for

After finding out Maia I did the MoSCoW and see what she really need it to get interested in yoga exercises useful for her in her daily life.

Focusin one specific moment










Minimal Design


User Experience Research

I found out that young students were interested in yoga ones they knew it could hemp them to get better results in class.

Brand and Tone

For the app I choose Pantone 177 C a color that represented one of the hindi colors which they use as color powder for their bodies.

The tone was friendly and not too technical to make it easy and fast to use.

User Interface

The design is based in a minimal and clean cut mode where the main using light shadows and colors adding new buttons shapes to make it more

Check the app out

The Process

We started with the UX design process using different design thinking technics to end up designing the UI for the final product we decided to make after the research.

During the project we used Moscow, affinity diagram, user persona, user journey technics which helped to find a solid and true problem from people which are not happy about buying groceries online.

At the end we end up designing an app where the customer feels confortable to buy online groceries.

Market Research

The project started by creating a survey and interview to see what are people asking yoga to be part of their lives. I study the market making a competence table where I found a lot of competition were most of them were walking in the same path so that made me had the opportunity to make something different.

User Testing

After the testing I found which pain points the product had and also what to maintain so I end up with a useful app for the user.


Time management

I had a two weeks to do the UX/UI design. I created a Trello board to see every step and be aware about tasks, deadlines and time management.

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