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App design

Case Study
I am betico

Develop an app for the real betis followers to find everything about their team and plus extra content.

The company

Real Betis Balompié, SAD, more commonly referred to as Real Betis or just Betis, is a Spanish football club based in Seville. Founded in 12 September 1907.

Real Betis won the league title in 1935 and the Copa del Rey in 1977 and 2005. Given the club’s tumultuous history and many relegations, its motto is ¡Viva el Betis manque pierda! (“Long live Betis even when they lose!”).


UI Design


Vicente Navarro (Project Manager)
Clara Carbonell (UI Designer)

1. Architecture part

The aim of the App is to give the Betis fans a place to be closer to their team.

The project is based on three aspects:
  1. The need for news
  2. The passion for colors
  3. The entertainment capacity of the App

The app has two possible options of log in: Subscribers or Free

The user will be asked once he/she downloads the app from the Apple Store or Android. Depending on the choice he/she will have different benefits inside the app.


In this section, the user will have to enter their subscriber number on the club card and choose a nickname. Everything else will be automatically added from the existing data in the clubs platform. This will make things quicker and easier for the user.



In this option the user will have to fill in a quick questionnaire so the app recognizes him/her the next time they log in. It will consist of choosing an avatar, a nickname and personal information.


Online payment

Finally you can buy and pay your subscription from your mobile. And when you go to the field you will only have to show your mobile to be able to access a lot of advantages and opportunities.


In this section you will be able to check the template, alignments, statistics, players’ statements, upcoming matches, competitions in which the club participates, you will have a hymn button (You can also have it as a ringing sound linked to your Betic friends), regulation information of FIFA, internal information of the club, as well as a 360 view of the 60,720 locations of Benito Villamarín.


Being a club with more than a 100 years there’s a lot of things to keep in your memory.  This is the secion where you would find everything, where the club will put an archive for you so you could rememeber Gordillo goals, when the Benito Villamarín was being built, The Copa del Rey from  1977 until the Spencer’s cup.



All the information about the Béticas clubs is in Seville, Andalusia, Spain or the world. As well as the contacts so that you are where you are, you can feel at home. In this section there will also be an explanation of how to create a Peña Bética and what advantages the club gives you.


Here is where you can save all the files, videos, photos and moments about the club.



Buying a shirt for your child or accessing tickets easily and without complications is priceless. But also find the cheapest travel agency to follow your team wherever you go is a dream come true. And without more complication than to take your mobile and give a button.


Here the user will have access to Live content and previous moments of the matches.

If you are a Subscriber, you will have the Premium Match Mode that will give you immediate access to these contents.

If you are Free subscriber you will enter to the Free Match Mode. Although you will not be able to access all the live matches you will have access to the live chat, notifications and the tweeter of the club. So you can continue the game even if you can not enjoy the images.

This content will also have an Apple Watch / Apple TV / Gear Samsung mode, etc. So you can enjoy it where ever you are, as you want it.

Contents and wallpapers

This will be the place where the fans can participate and feel the club closer.

It would have different contests the club will launch during  a period fo time, where the user will be free to participate in order to win and get more benefits from the club.

Brand day with Betis

As a comercial point of view, we offered a place where the promoter brands of the club can also benefit from the team. That is the Brand Day, a day that their brand will be the only brand shown and promoted. Where they can use it to interact with the users and fans from the team.

The Process

This project has an interesting background. It started being a basketball app for the ACB as a school project. It turned interesting to presented to the client but we heard the Real Betis Club was in need of something like it so we changed the whole project and presented.

During the project we used Moscow, affinity diagram, user persona, user journey technics which helped to find a solid and true problem from people which are not happy about buying groceries online.

At the end we end up designing an app where the customer feels confortable to buy online groceries.

Market Research

The sports app market is in need of an app that thinks in their fans and interacts with them. Also, we though in the sponsors and give them a space where they have the opportunity to talk directly to the users. At the end, we wanted to create an app that is beneficial for both sides.

Time management

We had a week to change the whole concept into football. For it we created a shared document and put all the changes and adaptations we had to do.

User Testing

After the testing we found which pain points the product had and also what to maintain so we end up with a efficient app for the user.

Team Management

Working with professionals makes things very easy and enjoyable to work. It was challenging and super postive experience to turn a school project into something real and being able to be part of it.