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Eternal Dopeness


Eternal Dopeness was created to promote self expression and the mindset of accepting your dope self. What is eternal dopeness? It’s an expression that means forever cool. How do you become eternally dope? By accepting yourself and simply being you. When you wear an Eternal Dopeness shirt you become eternally dope and you gain that confidence to do whatever the f*@k you want to be.


From 18 to 36.
These people have strong personalities but at times self doubt captures them. They need an example to live by for those times. They have a peculiar way of fashion and their look is original. They have a yearning to break the rules and be themselves but need an extra push of inner confidence to extract it. Eternal Dopeness is their daily reminder to live dope.


Position Eternal Dopeness as a mind set. It’s not only wearing good quality clothes, its a belief system and a way of living. Its about expressing your inner confidence (forever cool) to be the best you. Live eternal.

Category: Branding
Area: Clothing brand
Location: Los Ángeles, CA