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Federación Aragonesa De Golf (APGAR)

The main task was to create a new identity for the Aragon Golf Federation.

They wanted it to be circle and connect it to golf and their story.

That is when the trophy appeared on the picture. This element meant how the federations was created, the main why. So I decided to draw it and simplify it so it could work as a solid and representative element.

I used the color green to connect it to the field where you play golf. The stamp also shows the three different drives that you use to play this sport.

Another requirement was to introduce the Aragonese and Spanish flag as part of the stamp. I used desaturated colors to contrast with the green chose.

They just wanted to hace the stamp version of the identity to place it in all their elements. 

Categories: Barnding
Brand: Asociación de Profesionales de Golf de Aragón
Location: Zaragoza, Spain