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Principal logo

Corporative colors

logo construction

safe area

negative version

one ink version

background version


Go Safe with ESI

Go safe started being a brand to sell an efficient insurance for business. It would make your business more sustainable. 


The color pallet was determinate from the mother brand ESI. I choose one color as corporative that connected with sustainability. 

The font was also determinate by ESI branding son I had to play with Avenir Black to make the name feed and built the name as one piece. It also had to include “with” + ESI’s logo.

They wanted to have an icon that represents them in a simple way referring to energy.


ESI wanted to make some pieces to promote their new brand and service. 

We worked for two targets: the buyers and the final client, businesses about hosting, restaurants, etc.

We developed this pieces:

  • Prints
  • Folder
  • Rollup
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Emailing

Because we had to reach two different targets, the pieces was donde twice, one for technical providers and the other one for the final client.

Client: fif Factoría de ideas Felices
: Branding, Web design
Area: Energy Efficiency
Location: Switzerland