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App design

Case Study
Online Groceries Store

Create a trustworthy experience for users to buy their groceries online.

The company

ABC Company is a ficticius market which leads regional supermarket focused on offering high-quality products and a personalized shopping experience.


UX/UI Design


Laura Feliz (UX/UI Design)
Pia Ocepek (UX/UI Design)
Clara Carbonell (UX/UI Design)

1. why people do not like

to buy groceries online?

From the research we found out that most of the users will trust online groceries shopping if someone recommends it.

So here is where we focus our project: making people recommend others to have a trustworthy online market.

We used design thinking technics to figure out what was peoples problem to buy groceries online. We started interviewing some people and sending surveys.

We started making a Lean Survey Canvas to figure out the questions we wanted the people to answer to focus the subject and find a concrete problem.

After getting answers from the surveys and interviews we make a  Feature Prioritization to group up the different themes people where having troubles with and be able to choose which one was the most relevant to focus.



Busy people needs a way to increase their trust in online grocery services because theY NEED TO SAVE TIME

3. Who are we talking to?

Patricia Fritchman

A 40 year old single mom that loves to eat healthy but she doesn’t have time. She to be an example for her kids but she is always in a rush. She need something to be able to make her life less stressful. Every 2 days she goes with the kid to the market to buy groceries and its her most stressful days.


  • She doesn’t have time to eat healthy
  • She needs some time for herself
  • Every 2 days runs after work to buy groceries with the kids
  • She would like to have something to help her managing her time



  • Manage her time better
  • Be less stress with the kids
  • Become de CEO of her company

4. lets see what patricia

is asking for

After finding out Patricia we did the MoSCoW and see what she really need it to trust online groceries.

User Experience Research

We found what the user was asking for to be able to trust online groceries shopping. We tested and modified thousand times until the testing was fluent and users giving the feedback we were expecting.

Brand Redesign

We created anew logo and style line for the market. Choosing colors from the BIO products using a minimal design of it.

User Interface

We designed a minimal and clean cut app where the main feature is to build trust in the user by reviews and information about the producers and other users.

Lo-Fi Prototype

After testing the paper prototype with all the changes, we moved to a lo-fi prototype in sketch and start testing again to make more changes and see sizes and think in the real space of things.


  • We found out that we were using a lot of pop-ups and that was confusing for the user. so that was one of the first things we tried to change.
  • We tried to make a consistent structure.

Hi-Fi Prototype

Once we had the final lo-fi prototype we started with the final art. We determinate the style line of the app with all the colors, fonts, icons and textures we wanted to use.


  • We changed the home screen. We though the user will like to have a first screen to get inspired.
  • We also took out a lot of the pop-ups
  • The product and producers screen was completely redesign.
  • We made the payment screen a lot more visual with smaller icons and less information.

The Process

We started with the UX design process using different design thinking technics to end up designing the UI for the final product we decided to make after the research.

During the project we used Moscow, affinity diagram, user persona, user journey technics which helped to find a solid and true problem from people which are not happy about buying groceries online.

At the end we end up designing an app where the customer feels confortable to buy online groceries.

Market Research

We started the project by creating a survey and interview to see why people don’t want to buy groceries online. We also found a strong competence like Amazon Fresh or Waitrose and how they use their ratings and comments.

Time management

We had tree weeks to do the UX/UI design. We created a Trello board to make all the team aware about tasks, deadlines and time management.

User Testing

After the testing we found which pain points the product had and also what to maintain so we end up with a efficient app for the user.

Team Management

It took a bit to put things in place but we end up working all together and understanding each other and our  empowering our individual strengths.

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